At Viking Bolt, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We offer no minimum order requirements for customers with an open account and have a no voicemail policy. During business hours, your call will be answered by one of our friendly sales representatives. 

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Inventory program

Viking Bolt, Inc. vendor managed inventory programs are specifically designed and customized to interface with the customer’s production requirements. These programs offer peace of mind to buyers and purchasing agents who need to concentrate on more important tasks than the day-to-day ordering of fasteners.

These programs can be as easy as scheduling regular shipments and delivery to the customer’s facility, or as involved as delivering the customer’s order directly into their fastener bins, in several locations within their facility.

Peace of mind is also achieved by maintaining a minimum/maximum requirement for each part per bin, that is set by the customer, and recorded in the form of a Bar Coded Label. Each label is scanned during the ordering process and ordered electronically, providing a seamless link of inventory that will keep the production floor running, without going over budget.

Viking Bolt, Inc. has everything you need for setting up your own fastener area. We have a large variety of quality metal and industrial plastic storage bins, drawers, and Roto-Shelfs for keeping your fasteners organized.


You no longer have to compromise customer service and competitive pricing for quick delivery across the country. Viking Bolt’s major suppliers are strategically located all across the USA and can provide the advantage of drop-shipping your fastener items from a distribution center near you.

You say you have several locations across the country that need fasteners? Excellent! Just let us know what you need, and where you need them to be, and we will drop-ship your orders from the nearest distribution center near your desired location.

Viking Bolt has the capability to list all your company shipping addresses under one billing address and we can provide quarterly usage reports for each shipping location, so you can keep track of how many fasteners are being used, what type of fasteners are being used, and the dollar amount, per location.

Save time, save money, with increased efficiency. One contact, one email, or one call, Viking Bolt can ship it all.

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